Working out, but not losing weight…

So I’ve been working out for 9 days and after my initial 10lb weight loss, which I lost mostly before I started working out by changing my diet to eat clean, no processed, no sugar foods, I haven’t lost a pound. Wow, long sentence. I know I’m doing the right things:

  • eating clean foods every 2-3 hours;
  • Working out using different machines (so my body doesn’t get used to just one) and alternating days of lifting weights with other routines my trainer gave me (I sooo don’t know fitness lingo).
  • Finding ways throughout the day to burn extra calories (running around after my son and squatting down to his level, kicki my feet a bunch of times at the pool, etc.)
  • And my main thing was stop eating junk food! No M&Ms, soda, Wendy’s…. Just water and clean food.

So what’s the problem? I feel great and my clothes fit better, but the scale refuses to go under 200lbs! My prayer is that I’m losing inches but gaining muscle and that’s why I’m not losing the pounds. But at the same time I don’t want to be this huge person with muscles. Sigh.

Well, I meet with my trainer tomorrow and hopefully she will give me some insight and words of encouragement!


Would love to know if anyone else went through this or is currently going through it! I seriously would love to get together with other women going through the same journey as I am.