I’ve suddenly fallen in love with the word “organic”. I think about it during the day, say it in my mind, and once in awhile I’ll actually say it right outloud… organic. I think I like it so much because work was never “organic”. Work was more… militant, stressful, and… well, non-organic. Now I stay at home and I’m planning my vegetable garden, having church sisters over for canning, and ordering cloth diapers for my 7 week old. I feel organic. Natural, spiritual, earthy… I actually look forward to the day that I’m picking my carrots from my garden and cooking dinner with them for my family that same night… that’s just amazing to me.

Speaking of carrots, I was peeling a few for a pre-snack dinner for the kids and when I looked down into my sink, it just looked… organic!! I loved how the tops of the carrots still had some leaves on them, and the shredded carrots were just such a pretty color… and then my canning jar that once held pickles and was now just soaking in the sink. It was such a beautiful picture… and one day those carrots will be straight from my backyard. How amazing is that?