My hearts need for a true Biblical women’s ministry…

I love reading and studying the Word of God.  I’m part of an online study group going through a few chapters of Luke for the next few weeks. Then over the summer I’ll be part of another online study group.  I love the interaction and the sharing of the word.


But I wish we had something like that in person.  A ministry that would meet weekly or even monthly to encourage and equip women: young and old, married and single, mothers and daughters.  We need more Titus 2, Proverbs 31, 1 Peter 3 type of women to rise up and lead, encourage, pray over, teach, and equip the women of the church.

I’m not talking about a pretty ministry that teaches pretty things and everything is all pink and rosie.

I’m talking about true Biblical Womanhood/Sisterhood.  When I think of Biblical Womanhood/Sisterhood, I think of Deborah, Abigail, Rahab, Sarah, Hannah… these women did not have easy lives.  Abigail especially is someone I really connect with.  She lived with an unsaved husband, but still loved and protected his interest no matter what.  Now that’s strength! To love like that is to know the true meaning of what love is.   Our pastor defines it as: Disinterested Benevolence. I love you and bless you and expect NOTHING in return.  We need to learn that and teach it to the newcomers in our church.  So many married wives and mothers are being saved, but their husbands are not.

Biblical Womanhood is being a Prayer Warrior. It’s not pretty, nice, and elegant. It’s that get down on your knees and cry out to God until you have nothing left within you to cry with; it’s that courage and strength to look the enemy in the eye and proclaim victory over your family through the blood of Christ; and yet and still, it’s that beauty that surpasses all beauty in it’s submission and modesty.

Biblical Womanhood is what I try to attain in this life, it’s the legacy I pray to leave behind to my girls and the generations that may come after that, should the Lord tarry. I haven’t reached it, I don’t think I ever will on this side of eternity, but the Lord will help me to be the best He made me to be in His amazing love and never ending mercy.

I currently don’t have a ministry like that in my life.

It’s heavy on my heart.

Waiting on Him,



"The Good Wife’s Guide" Giveaway!

OK Ladies!

I am super excited about this giveaway because this book is so inline with my goal of being a Proverbs 31 woman and the author is one of those Titus 2 women I truly look to as a role model.  The book is called The Good Wife’s Guide by Darlene Schacht over at Time-Warp Wife.


I was blessed to receive a copy of this new ebook and it really is a treasure of good advice backed by scripture.  Darlene’s writing style draws you in as if you are sitting across the table from her, drinking a cup of coffee with a friend.  Her passion for God and helping wives prioritize His role for us as helpmeets to our husbands and mothers to our children is evident on every page.

And now Darlene will bless three of you with a copy of this new ebook! 

I’m so excited about this as the book was truly a blessing to me and I know it will bless the hearts of three women out there!

To enter, just complete any of the options below in the Rafflecopter! The giveaway ends next Wednesday!

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Refining Fire

Wow – can I tell you that God is GOOD?!  It is amazing what He has shown me these past few days… it’s almost too much for me to even grasp.  He is so good.

This past year, my prayer to God was for Him to empty me of me and fill me with Him. To break me down and get rid of all my iniquities, and fill me with His Holy Spirit.  I prayed for God to use me and all that I have for His glory.

The one thing I have always struggled with was my temper and my patience (or lack thereof).  It’s gotten me in trouble since the first grade!  But God has shown me that all the things that have been going on in my life, He has allowed – for His glory.  He is working out of me these bad things that hold me back from fully being that Proverbs 31 woman I so desperately want to be!

God has been at work refining me with fire – removing my impurities!  Zechariah 13:9 says “This third I will bring into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say, ‘The Lord is our God.'”

I know He has my family in His hands, He has Marissa in His hands.  I know she will be OK, because He is using this situation, that maybe the enemy meant for evil, for a good thing and I am coming out of it refined and tested.  So I thank the Lord for all He is doing and I will continue to daily lift my voice and my hands in prayer and praise to the One who loved me enough to put me through a fire!

To read more about God’s refining fire, please read The Refiner’s Fire, by God is Love.  It really blessed me this morning.

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Part II

It’s been a few weeks since Marissa began having her anxiety attacks that began as a result of dealing with a bully at school.  I’ve been praying and seeking God and asking Him for wisdom and Marissa is slowly starting to not have these attacks.

But we had to go through a lot before we got to where we are at now (and we’re still in this journey!).  Marissa was so lost in her anxiety attacks that she just wouldn’t (or couldn’t) listen to reason and I was honestly afraid she was going to hurt herself with all her jumping, screaming, and banging.  I mean it had only been a few weeks and she had lost so much weight and had dark circles under her eyes.  So I went to  GNC and looked for a natural relaxant, something to just calm her down in the evenings and help her rest.  I had remember reading somewhere also that Vitamin B 12 was good for anxiety.  So I got her some of that too.

The first night I gave her the natural relaxant, she slept the whole night through and it was such a relief. I went out the next day and also bought her daily multi-vitamin gummies and fish oil.  The kids all now take a daily multi-vitamin & Marissa takes the extra supplements (she loves that she takes something more than her siblings).  I have her on a routine in the evenings where I tuck her in bed and read to her and then we talk, pray, and she has to remain in bed.  Sometimes she listens to soft music, or she’ll read, but she knows she cannot get up unless she has to go to the bathroom.  We’ve had a few setbacks, but praise the Lord she has been doing SO well!!  The relaxant really helps her sleep through the night – which her body really needed. She’s eating great now and I just pray that she continues this even after school starts up again next week!

We talk a lot about God and the Bible and she has GREAT questions that we talk about at night.  Marissa is very inquisitive when it comes to her faith and I pray that I can answer all her questions in a way that she can understand and grow closer to her Savior.

Thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray as I hope to slowly get her off this relaxant (prayerfully without her even knowing!) and have her relax in the evenings on her own.

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Part I

These past few weeks have been very trying and hard on my family and I.  Our 8 year old (Marissa) started having nightmares brought on by a bully at school.  The bully situation was remedied through the school, but now we are living with the consequences of it all. 

But if I were to really be honest with myself, and this is hard, I believe that there is a bigger issue at hand.  Marissa used to have a real love for the Lord and she was always reading her Bible and telling me different things she felt the Lord was laying on her heart.  But being a working mother who barely made time for her kids, I never gave her real attention and believe that I didn’t encourage her in her Bible reading or relationship with God.  At some point, she stopped reading her Bible and stopped having a close relationship with God… and now my baby girl screams in a corner because of nightmares and tells me she doesn’t feel God helping her.

I stand convicted before God…. what an awful, wretched mother I have been to my children.  But I thank Him for His saving grace and I am grateful that He has opened my eyes to see this real issue in our spiritual life.  This past week I started to pray hard for my children (especially Marissa) and speaking God’s truth and love into all their lives (again, especially Marissa at this point in her journey).  And God is is so good!  In just a few days, Marissa has been doing a bit better – day by day it gets just a little better than the next.  Right now she sits quietly in her bed listening to classical music and reading the Bible.  She has cried a little, but she’s not screaming and manic like she was just last night.  She came out just a few minutes ago and said “Mommy, I feel like raising my hands to Jesus and praising Him, but I’m embarrassed”.  So we sat in my living room and lifted both our hands up to our Savior and praised Him together – it was wonderful.

My oldest, Kaity, has also grown in her relationship with God during this time as well.  She’s been reading her Bible and telling me about things she has learned from it.  She came home from school just this past week and told me that she was about to judge someone, but then remembered reading in the Bible not to judge people. Praise the Lord!

My son, Jeremiah, came to the room tonight while I was with Marissa and joined in our conversation about God.  He said that Jesus lived in his heart and I told him he had to invite Jesus to live in his heart and we did that together just tonight!  Jeremiah now wants to be a pastor! I love it and I pray his love for God will continue to grow – though we’ll see if next week he’ll want to be a fireman instead!

As I was writing earlier, I heard Marissa speaking aloud and asking Jesus to help her, “help me, Jesus… help me not to be afraid, Jesus…” and praying using the scripture verses we memorized (Philippians 4:13 & 2 Timothy 1:7).  Now she’s crying again and begging me to go to her room (I’m in the living room).  So she goes through her ups and downs… but I know that Jesus is with us and He will help us through this.  God has a plan for Marissa’s life and He will use this whole situation for good – I know it.

I will keep everyone updated on Marissa’s progress.  Please pray for her spirit, that she would feel God once again in her young life and that she would open up her heart to her Savior.  Also, please pray for the whole bully situation at school.  The other girls parents are upset and feel my daughter is lying (though the other girl did admit to the principal that she hit my daughter, unprovoked, on two occasions).  So please pray for peace in this situation, peace in my home, and peace in Marissa’s little heart.

In Christ,

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Negative Thoughts…

I had originally posted this on my Facebook page, but I also wanted to share it on my blog.

“Just wanted to share something I experienced today: Yesterday started out great but by late afternoon I really felt Gods presence wasn’t with me! I felt so alone (in my spirit, b/c I was surrounded by my family), & even lashed out at one of my kids for spilling a drink on the table. This was the old me, not the new creation I’ve become in Christ… During my alone time this morning God spoke to my heart & showed me how my thoughts caused me to grieve the Holy Spirit & not feel Him. Earlier in the day I was upset that my hard-working hubby was getting a nice afternoon nap when I was exhausted! And then I started thinking about how he should be fixing up our basement (we had a flood & he’s in the middle of fixing redoing the basement) instead of sleeping on the couch! And on and on I went with my thoughts! It was all downhill from that point in my day… All because I didn’t tame my negative thoughts towards my husband. I am my husbands helpmeet! Proverbs 31:11-12 says that my hubby should trust me & I should enrich his life, bringing him good, not harm! Thanking God for His Holy Spirit that will convict my heart & lead me to His word to find truth and wisdom! So the lesson I learned is to be obedient to God not only with my actions but with my thoughts as well! Not feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit was awful and really reminded me that I cannot be the wife God calls me to be without Him!”

 In Christ,


I’m back!

So I had to take a small hiatus from blogging in order to figure out my new schedule as a SAHM. Being a newly SAHM with three school aged kids and one infant is a lot to figure out as far as logistics and meal planning.  But I’ve finally gotten myself into somewhat of a groove  and feel I can handle a post or two (or just one!) a week.

So much is going on in my life right now and I’m excited for all of it! I want this blog to be not only about my experiences as a stay at home mom, but also about my Christian walk.  God has really been showing me a lot about what a godly woman (wife/mother) should look like and I have really been studying that Proverbs 31 woman and seeing how I can apply that wisdom to my own life.

I’ve also started to take an apologetics class on Sunday nights at my church (one of three Sunday school classes being offered at this time).  I was very excited about it because most of my family (on my mother’s side) are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I wanted to become more bold in talking to them about my faith. Last night, though, was a hard class and really caused me to step back and think I’m not meant to take it! We were learning ways to explain how God is infinite and people were using terms like “2nd law of thermodynamics” and other scientific explanations that my brain just cannot comprehend.  I was literally holding my face with both my hands to keep myself from running out!!  I expressed my feelings of discouragement on a post on FB when I got home and my classmates all encouraged me to continue with the class… so I might give it one more try.  Our next class we will be discussing Jesus, so I’m praying that this topic will be a little easier than explaining God!

Samuel and the kids are growing!  They are all doing so wonderful and the older kids have really been a great help with little Sam.  I’m also trying to teach them more about our faith at home, so that’s something I’ve been working on with them.

Marcia and I meet every Thursday (or try to!). I love having her over because she just brightens up my day with her laughter and her love.  We talk a lot about our marriages and our faith and what we want that to look like – it’s just wonderful.  I love talking to other sisters in the faith about being a godly woman and what we are called to do in the body of Christ.  God is really putting other godly woman in my path for that reason and I’m so excited to really get close to my sisters and learn from each other.

So LOTS going on and I’m excited to blog my way through all of it.  Through it all I hope to be as transparent as possible and show my ups and downs so that it may be an encouragement to other woman. I am just a regular Christian wife & SAHM who loves to write and study the word of God.  Welcome to my life!

In Christ,


Being Authentic About my Christian Faith

So this weeks project over at At The Well is to Be Authentic.  To be authentic about our struggles, our sins, and our victories over both.  To be honest, I really didn’t think much about this project because I didn’t really think I was struggling with much of anything.  Yes, I do have a bit of a short temper, but I’m working through that and I’m the first to tell anyone about it.

But then God literally shook my world and showed me the HUGE cracks in the foundation of my faith.  On Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in my living room feeding my 2 month old son, my 10 year old daughter sat next to me on her laptop, my 6 year old son sat on the floor watching TV, and my 8 year old daughter and 6 year old niece were downstairs playing a video game – when the earth began to shake beneath us!  At first I thought my daughter was kicking the sofa and I was about to yell at her when I noticed her feet weren’t moving.  Then I thought, maybe it’s a truck (we live by a street where lots of trucks go down & the house will shake a bit with it), but the shaking just didn’t stop.  “What is this?” I said out loud… and then I realized it was an earthquake.  I calmly called up my daughter and niece from downstairs and we all gathered at the front door of my house.  I felt completely alone and helpless – a mother/aunt with five little children all depending on me for guidance and safety!!  And I will be completely honest and transparent – Jesus was not the first person I thought to call on.  How can that be?  How can a professing Christian, who has been saved and baptized, goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday, volunteers at church functions, and so on… how is it that I didn’t seek God first during a time of distress?  Yes, eventually I called on Jesus to keep us safe as we went outside to gather with the neighbors and figure out what had just happened… but how was He not the first thought in my head?

Then after we came back in & everyone was settled down again, my hands began to tremble with fear that it might happen again and here I was alone with five kids! A fear began to take control of my being – a paralyzing fear that I would not be able to protect my children & keep them safe.  Later that evening I received a phone call from a sister from church and we talked about our experience.  She told me that she was laying in bed with her own 14 month old daughter when the earthquake hit.  My sister in Christ sat up, realized it was an earthquake, then just layed back down and continued her rest.  “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” she said. “I die and meet my saviour!”  She had no care in the world about the earthquake and even in the middle of her talking about it just broke out in prayer that this would move people to know that life can change in a second and they need to get right before God. She prayed that our church would be so packed on Sunday that the regular attenders would be asked to give up their seats!  And there I sat on the front steps to my house, listening and thinking – something is not right with my faith.  I realized right then and there that I was one of those Christians that Paul talks about in 2 Timothy 3:5 “having a form of godliness, but denying it’s power”. Pastor preaches that message constantly, and I NEVER thought it was me.

So that night I got on my knees and called out to my saviour and prayed and prayed for Him to come into my heart again and give me power from on high that my faith be made stronger than ever! I renewed my commitment to Him again and praised Him for sending an earthquake to shake up my faith and open my eyes to the lie I was living.  It was a wonderful night of prayer and reflection.  Jesus met me that night and truly strengthened my spirit and cast my fears aside.  Amazing how God is always true to His promises – which are always yes and amen in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20)!

So today I stand “naked” before you – being authentic with you all.  I thought my Christian walk was fine, but God loved me so much that he shook up the entire North-East to show me that it wasn’t, to break me down, and then meet me and strengthen my faith and my walk!!

Praising My Saviour!


The Beginning of Marissa’s Card Ministry

Tonight Marissa (“Mari”) came to me to discuss some sad feelings she had been having.  You see, our Mari is always “the one”; if there’s something broken, someone yelling too loudly, a mess somewhere – you can bet Marissa is behind it all.  She’s not mean or malicious, she’s very sweet and has an outgoing personality – full of life!  Sometimes it just seems like too much “life” for our tiny little home! (smile)

So tonight she came to me with this sadness because she had gotten in trouble (again) earlier in the day… and as she was talking I just prayed to God that He would give me the right words to say to her.  And, as always, God provided.  One of the reasons Mari always gets in trouble is because she’s bored; we can never keep her entertained.  While Jeremiah and Kaitlyn are easily entertained with their interests (games, art, etc) – Marissa can never find anything that holds her interest.  But one thing remains constant with her: she wants to help.  One of Mari’s favorite games is when she says she’s our servant (like Jesus served His disciples by washing their feet) and asks us what she can do for us. What a game!!  So the Holy Spirit put in my mind an idea that will bring some things Mari likes to do (serve, write letters) and glorify God with it.  I spoke to her about starting a Card Ministry.  With this ministry she could use our church calendar (which has birthdays & anniversaries of members listed) to send out cards to our church family as well as use other opportunities: like if she hears that someone is sick or if she just wants to thank someone for something they’ve done.

Marissa was very excited about this ministry and had tears in her eyes as we spoke about it.  She’s already written two draft letters (one to her Sunday School teacher and one to Auntie Marcia) and is super excited to send those out tomorrow.

Thank you, Jesus, for showing me the way to minister to Marissa.  She is a blessing to our family and my biggest prayer with her is for me to know the right way to raise her.


Start of a new adventure…!

I’m starting a new and exciting journey in my life and I think the best way to document it is to just blog about it.  This new blog is just for me, just for fun, and just because.

So today is my LAST DAY at work (at least temporarily)!  As of Monday I will officially be on Maternity Leave for the next 3-4 months (hurray!).  I’m super excited because I’ve never stayed home with my kids (Kaity, 10; Marissa, 7; Jeremiah, 6) for more than 2 weeks – plus the fact that we will now have an infant to add to the mix.  Of course I’m nervous and my husband is expecting a lot from me as far as the up-keeping of the house, but I’m ready for the challenge.
My goals?

  • Grow as a Christian Woman…  I want to be the woman God made me to be and not anything like the one I am currently.  I want to give up my life to Him and not be this selfish, quick to anger, lazy, self-seeking (ok, ok, you get the picture!) woman!  I think this is my biggest challenge!
  • Grow as a Christian Wife… I need to put my husband first at all times and respect and love him the way he needs me to.  This includes things like housework as well!
  • Grow as a Christian Mom… My children are quickly growing and they really need a true mom in their lives.  I have always worked over 40 hour weeks and that’s not fair to them.  I need to be here for them and teach them and love them and just be a mom to them.  I think part of this goal is really knowing what it means to be a 100% Full Time mother…
  • Grow as a Christian Friend… I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m not a good friend!  I’m not a people person – I’ve never been one!  But God made us to fellowship with one another and I know that this is a great blessing that He has given us.  So I need to open myself up to embracing friendships and learning how to become a good friend to others.

I think those are my main goals for now… tomorrow is my first day of this new life!! God help me!