Working out, but not losing weight…

So I’ve been working out for 9 days and after my initial 10lb weight loss, which I lost mostly before I started working out by changing my diet to eat clean, no processed, no sugar foods, I haven’t lost a pound. Wow, long sentence. I know I’m doing the right things:

  • eating clean foods every 2-3 hours;
  • Working out using different machines (so my body doesn’t get used to just one) and alternating days of lifting weights with other routines my trainer gave me (I sooo don’t know fitness lingo).
  • Finding ways throughout the day to burn extra calories (running around after my son and squatting down to his level, kicki my feet a bunch of times at the pool, etc.)
  • And my main thing was stop eating junk food! No M&Ms, soda, Wendy’s…. Just water and clean food.

So what’s the problem? I feel great and my clothes fit better, but the scale refuses to go under 200lbs! My prayer is that I’m losing inches but gaining muscle and that’s why I’m not losing the pounds. But at the same time I don’t want to be this huge person with muscles. Sigh.

Well, I meet with my trainer tomorrow and hopefully she will give me some insight and words of encouragement!


Would love to know if anyone else went through this or is currently going through it! I seriously would love to get together with other women going through the same journey as I am.


Day One of Veggie diet


So I completely failed day one of trying to add more veggies to my diet. I was actually really excited to start this but by breakfast (pancakes, eggs, & coffee), I had completely forgot about my goal! I remembered by lunch and skipped the pizza & soda I would’ve normally had since I took the kids to eat at Sam’s Club (a proud moment for me!) and just drank water until I could get to something healthier. I snacked on grapes in the car in our way to a birthday party and had tomatoes & pickles on my burger (that counts… Right?) at the party. I also had some more fruits and only a small brownie for dessert. But then I got home and caved in when I saw my left over pack of M&M’s from yesterday.

All in all a complete failure… But looking forward I’ve decided not to buy anymore M&M’s (this time I mean it!) and to stock up on veggies the next time I do grocery shopping. Saturday is an awkward day to start new habits anyway (I’ve decided)!



New Vegetable Challenge

Today I’ve decided to start eating right. Since I’ve given birth my diet has really gone down hill… Consisting mainly of Peanut M&Ms. Since I’m breastfeeding, I definitely need to step up my game – for Samuel’s sake.
So starting tomorrow I will be adding more vegetables to my diet & removing the candy. My goal is not to lose weight (though that would be fine if it happened) but to eat healthier for myself & my son.
I am lost as to where to start so I bought a vegetable cookbook & I’m really excited to put it to some use! But before all that I will start it all off with prayer. I pray that the God that made this Earth & all the vegetation in it will give me the strength & wisdom to make it through each day and each recipe!
Looking forward to a healthier me (both inside & out)!