First Week as a Nursery Worker

So today, Saturday, marks the end to my first week at my new “job”.  My church hired me to work part time and temporarily in our school nursery.  It doesn’t feel like work, honestly.  It’s the first job I’ve had that I’m excited to go to work every day to play with ten toddlers! I love the children.  It’s amazing that they each have their own personality, but then they can act as one class with one personality.  For instance, they all love to watch Peter Pan.  Apparently it’s the only movie that they will all sit through and watch. Put another movie on and their attention comes and goes.  They also all love to sit under the tables; one by one they will line themselves against the wall and sit and laugh and wiggle their feet and bottoms.

Then there’s the fighting.  It’s not much, just the normal amount I guess… though some days are worse than others.  Once you get to know the kids, you can already sense when they will get upset before they do and try to diffuse the situation.  It’s happened several times already where myself or the other “teacher” (neither of us is licensed, so the term is used very loosely) will call a child’s name in warning because we see that they are about to do something before they even raise a hand to do it.  It’s amazing how that sinful nature of selfishness and hitting is alive in us without being taught.  We have to be taught to do good, because we are born with that sinful nature.  I see it and understand it more now that I have ten kids all together instead of just being home with my one toddler who doesn’t have to share anything with anyone. They all melt my heart, though.  I’m already dreading the day when I have to leave (I’m only there part time and temporarily until the end of the school year).  They each hold a special place in my heart after just one week.  I’m in love with each of them and I’m slowly falling in love with being a nursery worker.

I’m not good at the teaching part, my counterpart is excellent at teaching the kids and doing crafts with them, but I love to mother them all.  I love changing their pampers, taking them for walks, hugging them, disciplining them in love, washing their hands, rubbing their backs, sitting them on my lap to listen to a story… my day goes by so fast in doing all that.  Praise God, my Samuel isn’t really a jealous baby.  Another toddler can sit on my lap and Sam is fine with that.  Sometimes he might run over and want to sit on my lap too, but he doesn’t push the other child away.  Maybe he’s already used to sharing me with his brother and sisters, but it’s a blessing to love on other kids and not have him cry about it.

Sleeping… in the afternoon before I leave for the day, it’s the kids nap time.  It’s one of my favorite time of my day with them because I take the time to pray over each of them.  There are three rows of cots and I will sit at the head of each row and pray over each child by name.  Tearing down whatever plans the enemy has for them and praying blessings over their lives in the name of Jesus and the power of His blood.  I love praying over them while they sleep.  I think I will always keep their names written down and pray over them for years to come – my first nursery class.

Then there are the two sweet girls I get to share the class with:  Sarah and Lauren.  We all go to the same church, but because they are younger than me I never really knew much about them.  Now we are all slowly getting to know more about each other.  I just love sitting back and watching the two of them interact and feed off of each other – they are like a comedy duo team!  Two sweet girls that make me laugh and feel old all at the same time!  I love them!

I have nothing else to say, but that I’m so happy to have the opportunity to go to my church every morning and be amongst Godly women (and a few Godly men!) all day. I pray that God’s Will would be for me to stay there always – but if not, I’m fine with that too.  Even though I love my church and all my church family, ultimately I want to be in God’s Will for my life and go where He sends me.

At His Feet,



2013 Summer Survival Challenge!

Well, summer is just around the corner and pretty soon I will have 4 pairs of feet and 40 little toes running around this house looking for something to do… and they will be looking and running directly to me!

Nerve wracking.

For years I was the working mom – so summer plans consisted of weekend outings to the park, maybe the zoo or the pool.  I didn’t really have to think much about it.  I left the thinking to the grandparents!  But now? Now I’ve been a stay at home mom for two years and summers scare me!  My first year as a stay at home mom, I had my infant son, so we didn’t really do too much. Mostly the pool and trips to the zoo.

But not this year!  My youngest is two years old and LOVES exploring and being outdoors.  So this year, I am going to plan ahead of time and have activities and outings (and also days of rest and relaxation) and be ahead of the game!  So when Susan Heid contacted me with her new 2013 Summer Survival Calendar {affiliate link}, I knew this was for me!  I became a fan of Susan when I started using her Household Planner (which I STILL use and love).  Now she’s back with a great calendar full of ideas as well as strategies to survive the summer with your kids.

The Confident Mom\\\'s Summer Calendar

Here’s what’s included:

  •       Summer Goals worksheet
  •       Ideas for Summer Fun checklist
  •       10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action    Guide
  •       Your Best Summer Ever Audio Workshop
  •       Quiet Time Activities worksheet
  •       Important Summer Dates checklist
  •       Standard Operating Procedures worksheet
  •       Weekly Menu Planner/Grocery List
  •       Summer Weekly Planner
  •       Be Summer Organized checklist

Not only that, but one of my favorite blog sites, HelloMornings, is doing a Summer Survival {mini} Challenge using Susan’s calendar! I love a good challenge, especially one that aims at preparing me for my summer goals with my kids.

Summer Survival HelloMornings

Participation is easy! Just head over to The Confident Mom’s site and purchase the 2013 Summer Survival Calendar, then head on over to HelloMornings every Monday to walk through some prep phases and get your weekly homework!  After just three short weeks, you will graduate and be ready for the summer!

HelloMornings is also offering a free calendar for three participants!  After purchasing your calendar, head over to their Summer Survival {mini} Challenge and leave a comment that you’ve purchased it! You will be enrolled to either get reimbursed or to send a copy to a friend.

I’m so excited about this and ready for this summer challenge!

Joyfully His,


Marissa’s Journey – Homeschooling, YES!

So if you’ve been following my blog, you know about the journey Marissa is going through with her stress and anxiety.  In my last post, we were thinking about pulling her out of public school and homeschooling her.  I am happy to say that we have gone in this direction!

My hubby is still very much against homeschooling, though he’s laxed a bit on thinking all homeschooling is wrong.

A dear sister from church invited me over and shared some of her homeschooling wisdom, as well as some of her resources and books (for which I will forever be grateful).  I’ve even enrolled Marissa in a french class through the local homeschooling co-op!

I’m super excited and can’t wait to start next Monday (I took the suggestion of many of my blogging friends who said to take a week off to relax!).  But I have to say this: in the ONE DAY that Marissa has been out of school, she has been eating like crazy, slept all the way through the night and took a nap this afternoon, and has been reading almost non-stop!  She was all smiles all day and there was NO melt down at bedtime!  None!! Granted, I’m allowing her to sleep in the living room with me in order to just give her body some rest.  I know many people will think I’m giving into her (including me), but she is RESTING and I think that’s more important than anything.  She knows this isn’t a permanent situation, but for now it’s working fine.

I’m praying that all will go well and hubby will let me homeschool the other two starting September, but for now I’m enjoying God’s blessing on Marissa.  He is so good and I know if I give it all to Him, everything will be fine.  All I want in my life is His will – whatever that may be!

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Homeschooling?

So last night was the last straw for me. Marissa went through another meltdown and so did I. And I didn’t like what I saw in me or what my children were seeing in me. So I sat down and began to pray and seek God’s direction and right away homeschooling popped into my heart. I pushed it aside because my husband isn’t for homeschooling – I mean he is strongly against homeschooling for our children. But as much as I pushed it aside, it kept resurfacing.

Then Marissa woke up from her sleep (at midnite) and started crying all over again because she felt sick. My husband, who never has patience for this, actually called down to her and told her to sleep in bed with him. He’s very worried about her health and for the first time since this started just wanted her to sleep with him and rest her body. She refused and kept right on yelling. So I yelled up (since I was in the living room with her) to him that we were doing homeschooling and I was pulling her out of school this week (Lord forgive me for being demanding to my husband!). To my surprise he called back a resigned “we will talk about it tomorrow”. That’s never his reaction to my talk about homeschooling. He always rejects the idea and tell me it will never happen. But not last night.

And so I am now resolved that we are pulling her out of school and homeschooling her. I pray that this will heal her anxieties, bring peace to our family, and help Marissa do better in her education (I really believe she needs more attention than what she’s currently getting from her teacher).

Of course hubby and I still have to talk about it tonight, but I feel such a peace about this and pray that he will allow it for now. If not, he is my husband and I will send her back to school with an obedient spirit and will continue to pray for God’s will in this situation. If he says yes, thank God I have a good friend (sister from church!) who has been homeschooling for years and is more than willing to help and guide me through this process.

I also covet any advice from all you Christ-centered homeschooling moms out there. How did you start out in this journey? Did your husbands support you? Do any of you home-school one child but not others in the home? I have two who would continue to go to public school.

I would appreciate any advice and all your prayers!!

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Peace

Today was a really good day for Marissa, praise the Lord.  Since it’s the first Sunday of the month, the children didn’t have Kid’s Church and were with us.  After Pastor’s message on the parable of the wineskins (Luke 5:36-38), he asked for those who needed prayer to go p to the altar to be prayed for by the deacons, their wives, and other church leaders.  Marissa told me she wanted to go up for prayer and so we went.

The deacons wife that prayed over Marissa is such a precious woman of God & knows about what Marissa has been going through.  Her prayer was like my own in that it was straight from the heart and full of tears.  I can’t explain how beatiful it is to have a godly woman pray over my daughter with tears flowing down her beautiful face, as if she was crying out for one of her own children.  God is so good.

Later in the evening, Marissa decided to go take a shower before going to bed.  When she came out her face was visibly different.  She came to me and said that she had spent her time in the shower talking to God and asking Him to forgive her of her sins, to remove them far from her, to step on them, and to let the Holy Spirit come and help her.  Her prayer was that the Holy Spirit would live in her heart so that He could help her with her fears and anxieties.  Then Marissa looked at me with her big beatiful eyes and said that at that moment she felt His presence!  She felt as if a peace just came into her body and she just wanted to cry for joy.  She honestly couldn’t stop talking about her experience!  At bedtime she took out her new Bible and we read a few chapters of Matthew together, then we prayed, and she fell asleep.  She is now sleeping in her bed peacefully.

I’m just so grateful for a God who never leaves us!  Marissa has always had a heart for God; she loves to ask great questions about our faith and she loves her Christian music as well.  I pray that this is just the first step of Marissa’s journey with her King and that she would grow closer and closer to her each passing day.  Thank you for all your prayers and responses regarding Marissa and this journey!  Please continue as they are truly big help to me!  Thank you all!!

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Please pray…

I’m sitting here with my son sleeping against my chest and classical music blasting in my ears from my headset.  The noise I’m trying to drown out? My 8 year old daughter yelling and screaming from her room, yet again.  We’ve been going through this for weeks now and I am spiritually and mentally exhausted.  I’m going to be 100% transparent – it’s been so bad that I’ve had to sleep in the living room with my youngest son so that my daughter doesn’t stay up screaming the whole night.  Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor and so she will scream all night because she doesn’t like being on the first floor with her siblings.  So I have to sleep in the living room because otherwise she will go to our bedroom all night with her crying and screaming and my husband works and has no patience for it.

I honestly don’t know what else to do or where else to turn.  So I cry to Father God and pray for peace in my home.  All I want is peace for her and peace for our family.  I’m afraid that if she keeps this up she will just continue down a bad path and will eventually lead to her being outside of God’s will for her life – a very scary place to be.

My home is not right and there’s just a spirit of unrest and chaos here that I just need to pray out.  But I feel drained emotionally and spiritually and not being able to sleep at night because of Marissa and my 6 month old son is leaving me really drained and tired.  I can’t wake up early enough to be in my prayer time. I have to take care of my family during the day.  Then in the evening I’m dealing with Marissa’s drama and then Sam waking up.  I’m not sure what to do.

Please pray for this situation. I know God is in control and I pray that His will in this will be shown to me at some point.  I have three other children and a husband and this is really putting a lot of stress in our family.  But God is in control. I pray that He will help us through this.

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Part II

It’s been a few weeks since Marissa began having her anxiety attacks that began as a result of dealing with a bully at school.  I’ve been praying and seeking God and asking Him for wisdom and Marissa is slowly starting to not have these attacks.

But we had to go through a lot before we got to where we are at now (and we’re still in this journey!).  Marissa was so lost in her anxiety attacks that she just wouldn’t (or couldn’t) listen to reason and I was honestly afraid she was going to hurt herself with all her jumping, screaming, and banging.  I mean it had only been a few weeks and she had lost so much weight and had dark circles under her eyes.  So I went to  GNC and looked for a natural relaxant, something to just calm her down in the evenings and help her rest.  I had remember reading somewhere also that Vitamin B 12 was good for anxiety.  So I got her some of that too.

The first night I gave her the natural relaxant, she slept the whole night through and it was such a relief. I went out the next day and also bought her daily multi-vitamin gummies and fish oil.  The kids all now take a daily multi-vitamin & Marissa takes the extra supplements (she loves that she takes something more than her siblings).  I have her on a routine in the evenings where I tuck her in bed and read to her and then we talk, pray, and she has to remain in bed.  Sometimes she listens to soft music, or she’ll read, but she knows she cannot get up unless she has to go to the bathroom.  We’ve had a few setbacks, but praise the Lord she has been doing SO well!!  The relaxant really helps her sleep through the night – which her body really needed. She’s eating great now and I just pray that she continues this even after school starts up again next week!

We talk a lot about God and the Bible and she has GREAT questions that we talk about at night.  Marissa is very inquisitive when it comes to her faith and I pray that I can answer all her questions in a way that she can understand and grow closer to her Savior.

Thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray as I hope to slowly get her off this relaxant (prayerfully without her even knowing!) and have her relax in the evenings on her own.

In Christ,

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Marissa’s Journey – Part I

These past few weeks have been very trying and hard on my family and I.  Our 8 year old (Marissa) started having nightmares brought on by a bully at school.  The bully situation was remedied through the school, but now we are living with the consequences of it all. 

But if I were to really be honest with myself, and this is hard, I believe that there is a bigger issue at hand.  Marissa used to have a real love for the Lord and she was always reading her Bible and telling me different things she felt the Lord was laying on her heart.  But being a working mother who barely made time for her kids, I never gave her real attention and believe that I didn’t encourage her in her Bible reading or relationship with God.  At some point, she stopped reading her Bible and stopped having a close relationship with God… and now my baby girl screams in a corner because of nightmares and tells me she doesn’t feel God helping her.

I stand convicted before God…. what an awful, wretched mother I have been to my children.  But I thank Him for His saving grace and I am grateful that He has opened my eyes to see this real issue in our spiritual life.  This past week I started to pray hard for my children (especially Marissa) and speaking God’s truth and love into all their lives (again, especially Marissa at this point in her journey).  And God is is so good!  In just a few days, Marissa has been doing a bit better – day by day it gets just a little better than the next.  Right now she sits quietly in her bed listening to classical music and reading the Bible.  She has cried a little, but she’s not screaming and manic like she was just last night.  She came out just a few minutes ago and said “Mommy, I feel like raising my hands to Jesus and praising Him, but I’m embarrassed”.  So we sat in my living room and lifted both our hands up to our Savior and praised Him together – it was wonderful.

My oldest, Kaity, has also grown in her relationship with God during this time as well.  She’s been reading her Bible and telling me about things she has learned from it.  She came home from school just this past week and told me that she was about to judge someone, but then remembered reading in the Bible not to judge people. Praise the Lord!

My son, Jeremiah, came to the room tonight while I was with Marissa and joined in our conversation about God.  He said that Jesus lived in his heart and I told him he had to invite Jesus to live in his heart and we did that together just tonight!  Jeremiah now wants to be a pastor! I love it and I pray his love for God will continue to grow – though we’ll see if next week he’ll want to be a fireman instead!

As I was writing earlier, I heard Marissa speaking aloud and asking Jesus to help her, “help me, Jesus… help me not to be afraid, Jesus…” and praying using the scripture verses we memorized (Philippians 4:13 & 2 Timothy 1:7).  Now she’s crying again and begging me to go to her room (I’m in the living room).  So she goes through her ups and downs… but I know that Jesus is with us and He will help us through this.  God has a plan for Marissa’s life and He will use this whole situation for good – I know it.

I will keep everyone updated on Marissa’s progress.  Please pray for her spirit, that she would feel God once again in her young life and that she would open up her heart to her Savior.  Also, please pray for the whole bully situation at school.  The other girls parents are upset and feel my daughter is lying (though the other girl did admit to the principal that she hit my daughter, unprovoked, on two occasions).  So please pray for peace in this situation, peace in my home, and peace in Marissa’s little heart.

In Christ,

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