First Day of School & Already Worries!

My children’s school always posts which teacher has which students before the school year starts.  This year Marissa was put in the same class as the little girl who was found guilty, and subsequently suspended from school for a day, of bullying her.  I’m not quite sure why they were put in the same class, but it already has Marissa worried.

I called the principal and told him my concerns.  He didn’t seem so concerned himself and actually seemed rather annoyed that I was calling him and asking him to move Marissa to another class.  He said he didn’t think it could be done because the school system already has her in there (which I don’t buy for a second. I’m a stay at home mom now, but not too long ago my career was in systems analysis. I know you can move a child from one class to another, it’s totally possible), but that he would see what he can do.

I’m calling him today to see what he has done.  If he moves her GREAT! If not, part of me wants to fight back and let him know this is unacceptable.  But another part of me wants to show that God is greater than any situation and let my daughter take this as a way to show grace and mercy and love to this girl.  But then I think about the girl and she’s just SUCH a trouble maker and so is her family!  But my God is greater.  And that’s exactly the back and forth I go through in my head!

So I’m praying that God will show me the way and that I would have peace that comes with knowing God is in control of this situation and Marissa is right where He wants her to be.

In Christ,

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