It’s been awhile…

I wonder where my love for writing went?

In my younger teenage years, not a day would go by without me writing in my journal.  These days, I’ll be happy if I get a few pages written each month!  And my blog?  A few posts a year!  


Well, here’s hoping for more writing in the new year.  Though I doubt it.  Life is just so busy… and, if I had to admit it, I’m a bit lazy.  Though I love to write, the demands of every day life (mom of four, wife of one, teacher of 12, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, tax payer, driver, planner, etc.) can get in the way of putting my thoughts to paper (or cyberspace, as the case may be).  Above all that, I’m a Christian.  That means my walk with God is the most important thing for me to grow and maintain.  My prayer life is most important, at least it should be.  Lord knows I’ve failed in that area – but praise God I’m not where I used to be in it.  

Well… not much of a post.  Samuel is running around in one of his hyper-crazy moods he gets into.  He’s terrorizing his older siblings and my name is being called out over laughters, cries of help, and muffled shouts.  So I must be off.

Will post again… at some point… I hope.