First Week as a Nursery Worker

So today, Saturday, marks the end to my first week at my new “job”.  My church hired me to work part time and temporarily in our school nursery.  It doesn’t feel like work, honestly.  It’s the first job I’ve had that I’m excited to go to work every day to play with ten toddlers! I love the children.  It’s amazing that they each have their own personality, but then they can act as one class with one personality.  For instance, they all love to watch Peter Pan.  Apparently it’s the only movie that they will all sit through and watch. Put another movie on and their attention comes and goes.  They also all love to sit under the tables; one by one they will line themselves against the wall and sit and laugh and wiggle their feet and bottoms.

Then there’s the fighting.  It’s not much, just the normal amount I guess… though some days are worse than others.  Once you get to know the kids, you can already sense when they will get upset before they do and try to diffuse the situation.  It’s happened several times already where myself or the other “teacher” (neither of us is licensed, so the term is used very loosely) will call a child’s name in warning because we see that they are about to do something before they even raise a hand to do it.  It’s amazing how that sinful nature of selfishness and hitting is alive in us without being taught.  We have to be taught to do good, because we are born with that sinful nature.  I see it and understand it more now that I have ten kids all together instead of just being home with my one toddler who doesn’t have to share anything with anyone. They all melt my heart, though.  I’m already dreading the day when I have to leave (I’m only there part time and temporarily until the end of the school year).  They each hold a special place in my heart after just one week.  I’m in love with each of them and I’m slowly falling in love with being a nursery worker.

I’m not good at the teaching part, my counterpart is excellent at teaching the kids and doing crafts with them, but I love to mother them all.  I love changing their pampers, taking them for walks, hugging them, disciplining them in love, washing their hands, rubbing their backs, sitting them on my lap to listen to a story… my day goes by so fast in doing all that.  Praise God, my Samuel isn’t really a jealous baby.  Another toddler can sit on my lap and Sam is fine with that.  Sometimes he might run over and want to sit on my lap too, but he doesn’t push the other child away.  Maybe he’s already used to sharing me with his brother and sisters, but it’s a blessing to love on other kids and not have him cry about it.

Sleeping… in the afternoon before I leave for the day, it’s the kids nap time.  It’s one of my favorite time of my day with them because I take the time to pray over each of them.  There are three rows of cots and I will sit at the head of each row and pray over each child by name.  Tearing down whatever plans the enemy has for them and praying blessings over their lives in the name of Jesus and the power of His blood.  I love praying over them while they sleep.  I think I will always keep their names written down and pray over them for years to come – my first nursery class.

Then there are the two sweet girls I get to share the class with:  Sarah and Lauren.  We all go to the same church, but because they are younger than me I never really knew much about them.  Now we are all slowly getting to know more about each other.  I just love sitting back and watching the two of them interact and feed off of each other – they are like a comedy duo team!  Two sweet girls that make me laugh and feel old all at the same time!  I love them!

I have nothing else to say, but that I’m so happy to have the opportunity to go to my church every morning and be amongst Godly women (and a few Godly men!) all day. I pray that God’s Will would be for me to stay there always – but if not, I’m fine with that too.  Even though I love my church and all my church family, ultimately I want to be in God’s Will for my life and go where He sends me.

At His Feet,



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