Maximize Your Morning Summer Challenge!

I, for one, don’t want to lose sight of what’s important this summer.  With the kids out of school, weekly trips to the zoo, laying around the pool, BBQ dinners, hot weather that just zaps all your strength, I can easily lose sight of God and my time with Him.  I’ll be the first to admit that though during the school year I will do daily morning devotionals with the kids, during the last summer vacation I didn’t even open a devotional with them!

That is why I’m so excited about the new 13-week challenge by the HelloMornings group!  The challenge is all about maximizing your mornings, via online accountability groups.  Maximizing your mornings is the idea that as a Christian woman, wife, mom, you are waking up early and “maximizing” (using to it’s full potential, making the most out of, etc.) your mornings!  Spend time with God, study your Bible, exercise, drink water, pray, do what you can to start your day at it’s most fullest potential possible!

The 13-week challenge starts May 6th and runs through August 2nd and registration is open through May 3rd!  Today is the first day of registration!  I’m so excited for all the ladies who are already signing up as you read this now.  I mean you can head over RIGHT NOW and register and sign up with a group today!  East Coast? West Coast? Those options are there!  Once you choose your timezone, then you can pick whether you are interested in a Facebook group or Twitter group.  I’m leading a Facebook group for this challenge and keep checking my page to see if I’ve gotten any requests – I’m so eager to meet other ladies for this challenge and Bible study.

Did I mention there’s also a FREE Bible study?! Meet Jesus is a FREE Bible study for all HelloMorning participants.  It’s a 13-week walk through the book of John – which is especially exciting for me because my pastor just started a study through the book of John last week! So I’ll be really digging into the book of John and I’m so excited what the Lord, through His Holy Spirit, will be teaching me this summer.

Listen, perfection is NOT a requirement!  Just a desire to meet with God in the morning and a commitment to checking in with your group.  We are here to encourage one another and lift each other up in prayer and supplication.  I’m looking forward to this summer and to the challenge of waking up each morning, spending time with my Father, my King, my Comforter – my God – and maximizing my mornings to it’s fullest and most blessed potential!

Eagerly Seeking Him,




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