Five Minute Friday: Friendship

Lisa-Jo Baker is a blogger who has these Friday Prompts. She gives you a prompt and you write non-stop for 5 minutes. No editing. Just writing.  So that’s what I’m doing this morning.

Friday’s Prompt:  Friendship.

God made us to enjoy friendships.  I don’t have many friends, probably the season I am in with kids and just life.  But I have my two friends that I love and cherish.  I know I can count on them for anything.  If I need to talk about my day, cry on a shoulder, raid their fridge for something to feed my kids, borrow a dress, whatever it is. They will give me and then some.  But even more importantly than the food from their table and the shirt off their backs, they will sharpen me.  My sisters will tell me if they see me going down the wrong path or ask me if I’ve read my Bible today. My sisters look after not only my living body, but my living soul.  They don’t just care about my today, they care about my eternity.  So they aren’t just my friends, they are my sisters in Christ. God gave them to me and they bless my life.  We don’t see each other every day, we don’t speak every day. But when I do see them again, it’s like we were always together. There’s no awkward feeling or silence, just love, laughter, and tears.  I love my sisters. My friends. I pray my daughters are blessed with Godly friendships in their lives.  My sons also.  I have nothing else to write, my mind is blank! lol And I have twenty more seconds to go. I pray over my sisters today that the Lord would lift them up this weekend and just be with them and bless them. Amen!!


Marissa being taught how to properly skewer a marshmallow by one of my sweet sisters.


Five Minute Friday


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