Our Saturday

Last Saturday my husband had to run his new truck route and meet all the store managers.


This is hubby driving. He’s using my phone as a GPS because his phone’s GPS wasn’t working. Thank God I thought to bring my charger with me!


I was so tickled to see Bethlehem on the map.  My hubby made fun of me and said I was sure to post that I had made it to Bethlehem on Facebook! LOL {I probably would have done it if he hadn’t had my phone the whole trip! lol}


After a few stops and so many hours driving, the kids (and the parents) were restless. So we stopped at a restaurant to eat and let the kids run around on a hill before going inside.  Marissa ran up and started singing and dancing – typical Marissa style! Amazing how different each one of our kids is.


Hubby also seemed pretty pent up from being in the car so many hours and started skipping and waving his hands…


And skipping some more… LOL! We all got a good laugh out of that one.



In the restaraunt  Sam drank chocolate milk… I think it was his first time drinking it. He wouldn’t put it down!


Kaitlyn and Jeremiah.





I love Cherry soda.  But this is Cherry Pepsi, which I don’t enjoy.  I love when restaurants add grenadine to the Coke – the cherry flavor really stands out then.  Sam, Marissa, and I always fight over my cherry.  I think I’ll start asking for three cherries so we can all share!



I loved this photo! I have great memories of The Honeymooners from my childhood. I would always watch it with my dad – it started my love for classic shows and movies.  I love The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, Happy Days, and I listen to The Great Gildersleeve and Our Miss Brooks on old time radio. Love it.

We drove by a jail!! It was so weird to actually see inmates walking the yard right by a highway.  What was even crazier was that right next to the jail was a baseball field and childs park!  Can you imagine having memories of playing ball as a kid… right outside a prison?!  Seems kind of sad…











I took a picture of this because I had never seen this type of ice cream!! I so wanted to try it, but it was too cold outside to enjoy ice cream.

DSCN5054It was such a long day! We stopped at nine stores and drove over 300 miles in our little minivan.  This bridge was like a light at the end of the tunnel! It was our way to get out of PA and into NJ and our humble home.  I LOVE long trips, but this stop and go, stop and go, no place to rest kind of trip wasn’t fun at all. By the time I took this picture I was so done and barely speaking to anyone for fear I might let the grumpiness in my heart come out into the world (though my hubby will tell you that he felt it from his driver seat!).  We were all beat and GLAD to be home!

That was our Saturday.

At His Feet,



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