Unequally Yoked…

Being unequally yoked is hard.

Listen to me all you unmarried girls, ladies, women.  It’s hard.  There’s a reason Christ told us not to be unequally yoked.

I married my husband when we were both lost in the world.


Then I came to know the Lord and a few years later, so did he.  After only a year, though, he stopped going to church and that’s where we are now.

There’s pain in the choices he makes.  I feel like we don’t even live in the same world, let alone time zone.  I have to constantly remind myself that my eyes, my ears, my mouth – are all filtered through the Word of God.  The Holy Spirit is my veil.  My husband doesn’t have that veil.  So to be upset at his choices or his words is not really fair.

I used to argue with him, trying to get him to see the error of his ways and his thinking. But that doesn’t work.  I know that now.

So I don’t argue.  I let him make his choices and I try not to make him feel guilty over them.

Its hard when my husband, who used to read his Bible and agreed with me about situations or issues, now thinks I take my “religion” too seriously. Who tells me not to force it on the children.

I cry to God on especially hard days.  I cry out to God and ask Him to show me my husband in His eyes – not my eyes. To love my husband through these hard times. To not open my heart to sin by allowing myself to think negative thoughts towards the man who is my head.  Who else is praying for my husband, if not me?  Who else can show him love and tenderness, if not me?  Who else can pray him into the Kingdom of God, if not me? I praise God on Sundays with outreached arms and a broken heart to send me where he wants and I’ll follow Him anywhere… but I can’t love on my husband? Hypocrite! Brood of vipers! I can just hear Jesus calling down to me from heaven!

So no matter what my husband gives me, or doesn’t give me. No matter how he treats me. No matter the words he says to me. I will continue to love him and pray for him.  I will never deny him dinners or love.  I will never call a friend to complain about him.  I will never put him down.  I will love on him. Pray over him. Lift up his spirits.  He is my cross to bear and I will do so joyfully.

Jesus died for my sins.

So I too, pray intecessory prayers over my husband. I pray for his sinful words and sinful lifestyle to be put on me – for I am innocent of them. I pray that God will forgive me for my husbands sins, so that he may have a chance.  It’s hard to pray that sometimes, but Jesus did it for me. I love my Jesus so much. I want to be more like Him. And so I take my husbands sins and do the same.

And then I testitfy. I stand boldly and testify that my husband open his eyes and heart and bow his life down to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  That he will one day become a man of God and lead his family in a righteous way through these end times. My husband will be a man of God. He will be baptized by water, then by the fire of the Holy Spirit.  He will prophesy. He will lead his boys and love his girls.

Praise God! I praise God for His promises. I praise God for His love. I praise God for who He is. I have to praise God, because if I didn’t I would drop into the deepest, darkest, blackest dispair from which I couldn’t recover from.  And so I praise God in the bad times, and I don’t stop.  I shout praises to Him in my house. I shout praises to Him in my car. I shout praises to Him from within my soul.

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a new day to do it all over again.

But today is all I think about.

Today is all I can take, all I can handle.

He gives me strength for it.

And for that, I praise Him again.

Wrapped in His grace and mercy,



2 thoughts on “Unequally Yoked…

  1. I know how hard it is, Yasmin. I have not experienced it first-hand but I totally understand. Your downright honesty about it is a blessing in itself: it is humility. I hope this serves as a comfort, that I have heard numerous testimonies of wives suffering under their husbands’ unbelief and persecutions. But they remained steadfast in their love and devotion to God, and strong in their faith. Others were even barred by their husbands to attend church. One testimony I heard which really blessed me beyond words was the testimony of a wife who was cruelly banished by her husband because of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She was driven away before the eyes of their neighbors – no clothing, no money, no family, and nowhere to go. During one of her prayer and fasting times, she prayed agonizingly for her husband. Even before she could finish her fasting, her husband came looking for her begging for her forgiveness.

    May this verse be your strength and comfort: “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband; otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy.” Rest in His faithful love. I will help you pray.

  2. Sounds like you have a great attitude, Yasmin. And your words will be a blessing to other women who are also unequally yoked. My husband and I married as unbelievers, and I came to know the Lord 4 years into our marriage. He followed a year later, but never had a real fervor until many years after that. So while he did not oppose my choices, neither did he lead in them. I did lots of things wrong along the way and learned some of the same things you have learned. But there came a time when his faith became real and he began leading spiritually. I pray this will happen with your relationship.

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