The Prodigal Son…

This week shook me. 

I found out something that just turned my world upside down – and I never use that expression.

It made me realize that no one is exempt from being blinded by the enemy.  Even if you are blessed enough to have a Christian heritage, Godly women and men surrounding your life, a Godly spouse who is in ministry.  None of that matters.  It’s all you and your heart with the Lord.  The enemy can trip up anyone.

Image That was a huge realization for me.  If someone so immersed in God’s love and blessings can be tripped up and blinded – why not me?  Outside of my church family, I’m alone in my faith.  I try my best to raise my children under the Lord’s love and guidance.  But I don’t have support from family or friends.

If it can happen to that person, it certainly can happen to me.

It scared me.

Brings me to my knees in fear of ever leaving my God – the Love of my life.  The Lover of my soul.

ImageIt makes me want to be closer to Him.  Makes me want to repent more.  Open my life up more to His eyes and cry out that He would reveal even the smallest of sins.  Makes me want to love others more. Love my husband more.  Be more like Jesus so that I can feel Him within everything I do.  With every action, with every word, with every breath.  So I can see that He is with me.  Do I have the fruits of the spirit? Am I showing love to my neighbors? Am I forgiving and living in that forgiveness?


I have a heavy burden to pray for this person.  The Lord brings them to my heart constantly throughout the day. It breaks my heart when I think of how they are living.  And I can only think about how it’s breaking the heart of my Lord and Savior.

But this morning, it was no coincidence that my devotional was on the Prodigal Son.  The son that demanded his portion and went off to live a wild life.  But when he found himself eating and living with pigs (a Jewish boy living with pigs!!), he repented.  He came back to his father humbly, hoping to just be a servant in his household.

The father’s reaction?


Joy! He ran to his son when he saw him – which means he was always attentive. Always looking and waiting for his boy to return to him. I’m sure he prayed for him daily – even hourly.  

“He was dead, but is now alive!

He was lost, but is now found!”

What wonderful sentiment! So I pray for this person… but I cannot forget to rejoice! Because I know who my God is. I know all the great things He has done. And His arm is not so short that He cannot reach a lost sheep of His.  So I praise God for the day that this will happen.  The day that my friend, who is dead, will be alive! The day my friend, who is lost, will be found!  

Praying and praising God for you until the day you return.

At His feet,



One thought on “The Prodigal Son…

  1. Reading your post i have been thinking very much on Ps 10:17 “LORD, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them.”
    Standing in the gap in prayer for your friend is the greatest service to them,
    In His Grace,

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