Thinking of returning to writing…

…but not necessary “blogging”.

Before I concentrated so much on blogging and growing an audience… but honestly I have nothing to say.

But writing. Oh, how I miss writing. Expressing my inner thoughts. Turning them over in my mind, writing it out on paper (or screen), and understanding how I really feel.

This is for me.

God has been growing me. Stretching me. My spiritual life. My prayer life. What it truly means to ‘give myself away’… I say that all the time now to myself.  When someone cuts me off or annoys me; when I’m being inconvenienced or asked to do something I don’t want to do… “I give myself away” comes to the front of my mind now.  This is what it means, here and now. Give myself away and respond as Jesus would.  Give myself away and be inconvenienced.  Give myself away and do what I’m too tired to do – and do it in love and with a real smile and real joy in my heart.  I give myself away.

It’s late. But I had it on my heart to go to my blog and write.  It wasn’t planned, but I felt a tug.  A small tug. And then the words just started to spill out.

Thank you Lord for the gift of words and thoughts and expression.

At His Feet,



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