Blogging pause…

Hello All!! I’ve been a little absent lately and I apologize. I actually am going to stop blogging for awhile. Not sure how long… however the Holy Spirit leads I guess. The Lord met me on Sunday night and I had such an amazing experience and just feel renewed and refreshed by His Holy Spirit.

One thing I felt so strongly within me is to stop blogging. I KNEW it was of the Lord, because I love blogging and wanted to try and up my game… but that’s just not in His plans for me right now. I struggled with it for a day… but once I decided to just let go and do what I felt He was putting on my heart – I felt such a sense of relief! Which is odd because I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling relieved… know what I mean? I’ll still be sharing posts and pictures by others. But as far as my own blogging… I’m just going to take a little break and be filled by Him for awhile.

God bless!!!


In Christ, 



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