Admitting I Have a Problem… and Praising God for His Solution!

I never realized how much I spent money until I made a conscientious decision to NOT spend money.  Oh. My. Lanta.  Every day I caught myself thinking how I needed to go to Walmart for this or to the grocery store for that.  I had no idea that the reason we couldn’t save any money, living paycheck to paycheck, was because I was spending it all!


I realize now that in my mind I justified my spending because I wasn’t buying anything specifically for me.  Like I wasn’t going out getting my hair and nails done and buying myself clothes and makeup. I was buying things for the house or buying more groceries for the week – so spending money was OK.  But we haven’t been able to pay the mortgage  or some bills, we live paycheck to paycheck and have nothing in savings.  Until this week.


I decided that for 2013 I was going to be more frugal and be on a strict budget and use what I have in the house instead of going out and buying more things (my pantry is full of cans and boxes!).  And lo and behold, we had money at the end of the week!  We even sent out a check for the mortgage and paid three bills WITH ONE PAYCHECK!  And still had some money left over to last us until the next paycheck (hubby is paid biweekly).  My husband is a truck driver and doesn’t make great money, but his pay wasn’t the problem.  It was my spending!

Sam Window

I praise God that He has put on my heart to be more frugal this year and to use what we have.  To not throw so much away this year.  He has opened my eyes and our family is better for it.  My goal is to be a permanent homemaker and I pray that if we continue this route, I can be that.  My husband has plans for me to go back to work (at least part time) when our youngest goes to school full time in a few years.  I pray that by then we will be caught up on bills and not living paycheck to paycheck.  With the Lord’s help I think we can do it!

All this goes perfectly with my word and Bible verse for the year:


To be intentional means to be deliberate or on purpose.  That’s how the Proverbs 31 woman lived – with intention, with a purpose.  According to Proverbs 31:27, she watched over the affairs of her household and didn’t eat from the bread of idleness.  I pray that’s how the Lord grows me this year: to be a woman of intention.

In Christ,



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