Dollar Tree Find: Magnetic Caddy


Hi all!  I wasn’t planning on writing a post today, but I just had to share my great find at the Dollar Tree!  I went there this morning with Sam (my 18 month old) to get some paper for tomorrow’s craft (part of my New Years

Resolution of crafting more and decorating my house to a theme each month).  Tomorrow we are cutting snowflakes and hanging them on our windows.


Image At the store I found these great little caddies with a magnetic strip on the back! They are AWESOME! I bought one for my fridge, but think I might go back and purchase a few more (one more for me and maybe some to give as gifts! I mean they’re only $1!!).  I only bought one since I didn’t know how much it would hold up, but I have to say these things are pretty strong for a Dollar Tree purchase!  I put my In Touch magazine devotional, and two note pads and it’s holding up fine. I love it.

I also bought a little plastic caddy that I have a specific plan for – but more on that in a few weeks.

Be blessed and be a blessing!



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