Blogging pause…

Hello All!! I’ve been a little absent lately and I apologize. I actually am going to stop blogging for awhile. Not sure how long… however the Holy Spirit leads I guess. The Lord met me on Sunday night and I had such an amazing experience and just feel renewed and refreshed by His Holy Spirit.

One thing I felt so strongly within me is to stop blogging. I KNEW it was of the Lord, because I love blogging and wanted to try and up my game… but that’s just not in His plans for me right now. I struggled with it for a day… but once I decided to just let go and do what I felt He was putting on my heart – I felt such a sense of relief! Which is odd because I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling relieved… know what I mean? I’ll still be sharing posts and pictures by others. But as far as my own blogging… I’m just going to take a little break and be filled by Him for awhile.

God bless!!!


In Christ, 



Menu Planning Catastrophe

I’m new to keeping a grocery budget and planning my menus around the sales of the week.  It’s all new to me, but I’m trying my best.  Image

Last night, I spent hours looking through circulars, calling Sam’s club and getting prices of fish by the pound so I can compare to our local supermarket and getting all my coupons together.


I was pretty tired but satisfied that I had our menu for the week done.  Let me add here that my menu included items that I had already prepped and frozen as well as items that were on sale this week for me to buy.


So when I came down this morning to find my prepped beef stew meal was defrosted on the counter, you can imagine the emotions that coursed through me!  This beef stew was not for this week at all! It was for next week since we had beef stew already last week! All my hard work! My husband doesn’t appreciate or understand the work that I do while he sits and plays with the kids. This throws my plan completely out the window now. Now I have to rearrange the menu completely (I don’t have us eating meat more than 1-2 a week so I space them out between Vegetarian, fish, and chicken meals) and I was just so upset about it.ImageNot to mention the lovely cans he left out after a midnight snack of soup.ImageAnd the messy plates in the sink that were mostly done after I went to bed.

So yes, I am mad.  But lately I’ve been taking this homemaker business and treating it like it was the job I had previously working for a big company.  If I feel to lazy to do a chore on my daily checklist, I think about how it would be at my previous job.  I would never not do something and tell my boss I was just too lazy to get it done. No! I always got it done and if I couldn’t, for some reason, I had a good reason for it – not an excuse.

So this morning I thought to myself, what if I was back at the office and someone had done this? Would I throw a tantrum to my boss and complain about the person?  (We actually did this in the past when a new worker came in and did things different than what we were used to. My boss looked at me and my coworker and told us to figure it out, this isn’t preschool!  Ah, she was a good boss. Seriously. I grew up a lot under her watchful eye.)

Anyway, so I choose to just roll with the punches – as any good homemaker worth her salt will do.  I will put this stew in the fridge (since I don’t want to refreeze it and I don’t have potatoes and carrots for it today) and use it tomorrow. Yes, I’ll have to rearrange my menu. But I view it as a challenge I can take on.

And yes. I will talk to my husband and explain to him what I do and ask him not to take out any freezer meals in the future. Calmly. Smiling. And with a kiss on the cheek.

Because that’s how a Growing P31 Woman does things around here.



eBook Review: Becoming the Confident Mom You’ve Always Wanted to Be by Susan Heid

I have to start off by saying I am a huge fan of Susan Heid.  Not only do I use her Weekly Household Planner on a daily basis, but I listen to her podcast daily while I clean house (her podcast comes out once a week, but since I’ve only recently discovered them, I’ve been playing catchup).

So when I found out that Susan was coming out with a new eBook – I was so excited.  Susan’s ideas on keeping a home and on parenting, all from a Biblical point of view, has been so helpful in the short amount of time that I’ve found her that I was just beyond excited to get my hands on this eBook.  I’m glad I did.

The eBook is filled with great strategies on how you can be a confident mom – like real, everyday strategies that you can actually implement in your life.  My favorite thing about this book though is that for every strategy she uses (and there are 31 strategies), there is also a Bible verse (or two) that goes along with it.  They are all Bible based and that’s important to me.

Susan’s eBook is already an extremely important and valuable resource in my library.  If you’re looking for ways to be more confident in your parenting and in yourself, this is a great resource for you!

The book is currently on sale for $0.99 today only.  Tomorrow it goes to its regular price of $2.99.  Both prices are hard to beat for the value of the information you will be getting.

If you are interested, please use the link in this post (or on my sidebar) to purchase your copy.  I pray this book will be a blessing to you as it is to me.


In Christ,

I was given a free copy of this book as an affiliate member of The Confident Mom, but all opinions are my own.

Admitting I Have a Problem… and Praising God for His Solution!

I never realized how much I spent money until I made a conscientious decision to NOT spend money.  Oh. My. Lanta.  Every day I caught myself thinking how I needed to go to Walmart for this or to the grocery store for that.  I had no idea that the reason we couldn’t save any money, living paycheck to paycheck, was because I was spending it all!


I realize now that in my mind I justified my spending because I wasn’t buying anything specifically for me.  Like I wasn’t going out getting my hair and nails done and buying myself clothes and makeup. I was buying things for the house or buying more groceries for the week – so spending money was OK.  But we haven’t been able to pay the mortgage  or some bills, we live paycheck to paycheck and have nothing in savings.  Until this week.


I decided that for 2013 I was going to be more frugal and be on a strict budget and use what I have in the house instead of going out and buying more things (my pantry is full of cans and boxes!).  And lo and behold, we had money at the end of the week!  We even sent out a check for the mortgage and paid three bills WITH ONE PAYCHECK!  And still had some money left over to last us until the next paycheck (hubby is paid biweekly).  My husband is a truck driver and doesn’t make great money, but his pay wasn’t the problem.  It was my spending!

Sam Window

I praise God that He has put on my heart to be more frugal this year and to use what we have.  To not throw so much away this year.  He has opened my eyes and our family is better for it.  My goal is to be a permanent homemaker and I pray that if we continue this route, I can be that.  My husband has plans for me to go back to work (at least part time) when our youngest goes to school full time in a few years.  I pray that by then we will be caught up on bills and not living paycheck to paycheck.  With the Lord’s help I think we can do it!

All this goes perfectly with my word and Bible verse for the year:


To be intentional means to be deliberate or on purpose.  That’s how the Proverbs 31 woman lived – with intention, with a purpose.  According to Proverbs 31:27, she watched over the affairs of her household and didn’t eat from the bread of idleness.  I pray that’s how the Lord grows me this year: to be a woman of intention.

In Christ,


New Year’s Resolutions… {Goals}

Yeah, I know I’m a little late on writing this but you know the old saying: better late than – OK, OK, you get my point.


I had actually written down my resolutions the day after New Years.  I really wouldn’t even call them resolutions, they really are goals; things in my life that I want to accomplish and grow in.  You know, growing into the Proverbs 31 woman that the Lord made me to be!  I also wrote down the various areas of my life and my 2013 word.  I also have a 2013 verse (Proverbs 31:27) and a song (The More I Seek You), but that’s a blog post for another day.

Overall, this year is really about me growing into being a true homemaker.  Taking care of my home and making it a place where my family is comfortable being.  No clutter, nice decor, peaceful atmosphere, homemade meals, and lots of love!

I don’t know, but I feel real excited about 2013 – like God has so much in store for me and my family.  He has definitely been giving me a heart for homemaking like never before and I’m putting my all into it.  My husband will tell you there’s a huge difference in our home now than just a month ago.  Little changes, but I’m getting there.

I’m definitely excited to be blogging through my experience.

In Christ,


Dollar Tree Find: Magnetic Caddy


Hi all!  I wasn’t planning on writing a post today, but I just had to share my great find at the Dollar Tree!  I went there this morning with Sam (my 18 month old) to get some paper for tomorrow’s craft (part of my New Years

Resolution of crafting more and decorating my house to a theme each month).  Tomorrow we are cutting snowflakes and hanging them on our windows.


Image At the store I found these great little caddies with a magnetic strip on the back! They are AWESOME! I bought one for my fridge, but think I might go back and purchase a few more (one more for me and maybe some to give as gifts! I mean they’re only $1!!).  I only bought one since I didn’t know how much it would hold up, but I have to say these things are pretty strong for a Dollar Tree purchase!  I put my In Touch magazine devotional, and two note pads and it’s holding up fine. I love it.

I also bought a little plastic caddy that I have a specific plan for – but more on that in a few weeks.

Be blessed and be a blessing!