Last Night I Stopped and Listened…

I have to share how good I did last night!


So last night we had some vistors over (two nephews and one pregnant fiance).  The men played video games in the living room while me and the pregnant fiance (Lisa, love her like my own niece) were in the kitchen talking and making

Pioneer Woman’s Homemade Pumpkin Puree with a 10lb pumpkin (this guy was big!).  We had a great time, but by the time they left, I was tired, my pumpkin was still half way finished, and my kitchen was a  mess!  I just wanted to be done with it and get to bed!

That’s when our 18 month old started his nightly crying.  He cries because he’s tired, but doesn’t want to sleep. He fights his sleep so bad.  My husband had moved from the main floor gaming system, to the upstairs gaming system and had taken the baby with him. I was so happy because I wanted to finish my puree as quickly as possible.

Not five minutes later, hubby came down the stairs with a screaming baby, dropped him off at the bottom of the stairs, turned around and went back upstairs to continue playing on his gaming system.  I was so frustrated and wanted to go upstairs and yell about how he’s been playing for hours already while I’ve been slaving away in this kitchen all day cleaning, rearranging, cooking, cleaning, cooking again, cleaning again, then doing pumpkin puree! Can’t he just put his game down and put Sam to sleep? PLEASE?!

I really thought about all the things I was going to say as I stomped over to my son and picked him

Imageup.  I was already at the bottom of the stairs ready to stomp my way up… when I really felt like the Holy Spirit just stopped me.  I knew the outcome of that argument: I would be upset, hubby would be mad, lots of yelling, and that’s how the household would end the day.  Not good.  As much as I know in my heart that what he was doing was just unfair and selfish, what I was about to do was just as unfair and selfish to my kids and our family as a whole.

So I turned around, sat down on the sofa, and took 20 minutes to rock my son and quiet him down.  My other three kids came by and we all sang him a lullaby.  It was sweet.  And I cried like a baby.  The choice to not go upstairs is so not me. It’s not the person I am. I am a fighter, a confronter, and when I get angry sometimes I can get into my rage so bad that I don’t hear any outside voices of reason.  But tonight I sensed God’s Holy Spirit – AND I STOPPED AND LISTENED.  That’s what it means to be a Growing Proverbs 31 Woman. These small choices that I make to listen to that small voice.

Just praising God for His Holy Spirit and praying to hear and listen to it more and more in this New Year!


Growing Proverbs 31 Woman


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