If you suck at cleaning your home, this post is for you {free giveaway!}…

OK, so I have to admit, I’m not good at keeping the house clean and in order. I’m just not.  I wish I was, with all my heart and soul, I really wish I was one of those women who could not go to sleep unless every inch of the house was clean – and then some!

My mom is one of those ladies! She can clean… and she LIKES it!!  My mom loves coming to my house and cleaning my kitchen (she loves cleaning kitchens).  I come into my kitchen and clean. But my mom’s clean looks so much better than mine – and I really don’t get it.  I just don’t know how to clean.

When I see a big mess, I get overwhelmed and I don’t want to attack it.  I’m the type of person that needs to start in a little corner, clean all that up, and then move on to the next piece.  But one big job?  My brain can’t handle it – I actually get upset and cranky and have a meltdown. I’m serious. My family can testify under oath to that fact.

I tried all different types of cleaning schedules: monthly, weekly, daily – but none of them gave me the individual assignments that I needed to keep me from getting overwhelmed.  It was like Mondays: Kitchen; Tuesdays: Bedrooms; Wednesdays: Living Room… and for some people that works. But not for my brain.  It was too overall, too big.

Then somehow, I came across The Confident Mom‘s webpage.  The name alone really caught my attention because I desperately want to be a confident mom, wife, Godly woman! And that’s exactly what her website is about “empowering moms, strengthening families, and embracing God’s design” – doesn’t that sound awesome?

One of Susan’s great products is her Household Planner.  Now THIS is what saved my household from my lack of knowing how to clean.  I cannot express how much I love this planner and its daily checklist of tasks.  I just look at my task for the day and that’s what I do – I do them, check them off and I’m set!  And its not “Clean the refrigerator” task, no it’s “Clean top shelf of refrigerator”, “clean stovetop”, etc. Specific tasks that I can accomplish and check off. I LOVE IT! Every week I’m cleaning a certain part of my fridge – and so its clean on a weekly basis. I mean, it’s clean! Normally I wouldn’t touch the bottom shelf for months then wear a hospital mask to clean it out (again, my family will testify… under oath).  But with this planner, my fridge is clean on a weekly basis!

I don’t think I’ve EVER really cleaned my oven.  But it was on my checklist one day, so I really got into it and cleaned it.  Then I was able to check it off as being done, and let me tell you that was so gratifying!

Not only does it have weekly tasks, but it has daily task: make beds, clean kitchen sink, do laundry, etc. Things that should be done on a daily basis. It has an area for you to write down your dinner menu, another area for weekly items that can be done on whatever day you choose (pay bills that are due, iron/dry cleaning,etc.), and an area for notes.  I know the planner for 2013 even has a new checklist for your daily intake of water! I mean, this thing couldn’t be more perfect.

If you have a problem cleaning, like I do, then this planner is for you.  And if you don’t have a planner already, then you can win one right here!  Yes! I’m giving away ONE free copy of The Confident Mom’s 2013 Weekly Household Planner (w/Scripture Reading Plan) right here.  You can enter right below – just click on the Rafflecopter link and chose any or all options and you are entered.  The giveaway starts tonight (12/17) and goes through Sunday (12/23).  I will announce the winner on Monday (12/24) – just in time for Christmas!  Just think of it as my Christmas gift to you! What a better way to start the new year but with a cleaning and scripture reading plan.  I pray it’s as much a blessing to you as it truly is to me.

{By the way, if you can’t wait to get your own planner or if you don’t win – you can always use my link to the left to go purchase your own!  It is an affiliate link, so I would appreciate you using it if you plan on purchasing your own copy.  Thanks!}

God bless!


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32 thoughts on “If you suck at cleaning your home, this post is for you {free giveaway!}…

    • Wow! I’m overwhelmed watching my 17 month old while my three older kids go off to school – I can’t imagine having 4 small ones at the same time! Sometimes we have to just let things go and say – this is the season I’m in for now. The house will NEVER be spotless with so many little ones running around, but those little ones are such a blessing from God. So enjoy them and try not to be overwhelmed with the mess. The planner would be good for you also because you can just do what’s on task for the day and leave the rest to God! 😉 God bless and thanks for entering!

  1. The hardest thing about cleaning my house is that we have too much clutter!! I always feel like I need to clear the clutter before I “clean” and that is a huge job! :P. I’m getting so tired of it that I am finally ditching my pack-rat status and getting it out!!

    • Jennifer – I completely understand! My table gets so full of paper and junk its overwhelming. I also started just tossing things out or giving them away. My goal for 2013 is to live more simply. All this clutter, clutters my brain!

  2. This is EXACTLY my problem! I must get this planner (or hope I win :). Plus love the scripture reading plan…another difficulty for me 😦

  3. Keeping my house neat and tidy is a daily struggle. With 3 littles ones under 5, a college-age daughter living at home, and a military husband that has tons of gear. I am constantly trying to keep one step ahead of the mess but never succeeding. Consistency and decluttering are the areas in why I am the weakest. Hopefully a planner like this one will give me daily direction to finally conquer my messy house.

  4. I’m just okay at cleaning. I want to always have a clean house. Those dang people (whom I love) drop by at the wrong times. I never want to have a wrong time. 🙂

  5. The thing I find most difficult about keeping up with housework is keeping up with my three kids: ages 6, 4, and 2 and being pregnant with my fourth. I homeschool my oldest and that adds another responsibility.

  6. I find it hard to find the energy to clean with three kids under the age of three. But when I do get one thing accomplished I feel great! Im looking forward to being able to do more as I get more energy and sleep.

  7. I have the exact same problem you do, I look at a big mess and get completely overwhelmed to the point where I go hide and do something else that doesn’t help the situation.

  8. I struggle with the little things. The frig, dusting…I just hate doing them. I kinda suck at getting the laundry put away too. I can wash, dry and fold but trucking it upstairs doesn’t always work out. I’m always looking for ideas on how to get myself more organized!!

  9. I struggle with getting overwhelmed by big messes and tasks. I’ve been using her planner for a couple months now and it has helped so much!

  10. My mom is the same way. I love when she comes over I strongly dislike cleaning my kitchen and my mom loves it. I have the same problem with cleaning if I had a “room” to clean I would be very overwhelmed and get anxiety that I would just wlk away. If I don’t look its not there. LOL this would be a great tool for me Im always looking for ways to improve my home. Thank You for the opportunity to win.

  11. We have four children, and I struggle with not having the whole house clean at one time. I work on the kitchen one day, the living room the next, etc, but I get so frustrated that I can’t have a spic and span house all at one time – so I give up.

  12. I can totally relate!! As much as I want to be a super organizer and cleaner, I get overwhelmed and end up avoiding it altogether and feel terrible.

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